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Our Approach

Our philosophy is to use the latest technology to find the buyers for your home that will love, appreciate and offer the best price for your home.  We study the market and our pride is in being students of the real estate market. We have access to real estate markets in 100 countries. We market world wide and your home could be seen and bought by a foreign buyer.

Our Story

After 20 years of  combined property management experience for the U.S. Veteran Administration in the  Los Angeles Property Management division, Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA)and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association F (FHLMC) and World Savings & Loan Real Estate Owned (REO), we decided we we're in a position to help buyers and sellers confidently manage their real estate dreams by providing the knowledge and information needed to buy and sell real estate. We began by using Realtor.Com, Homes.Com and Zillow Group. We noticed that the information on the web is limited to paid advertisers and real estate agents Multiple Listing Service.  So our goal is to expand the access to buyers and sellers of real estate in Southern and Northern California.


Meet the Team

Hannah Jacqueline works full time and is currently completing her MBA in Irvine business school. Valentina is the heart of the team by making sure all the promises and commitments to assist the property owners market their home are met.

Mario Shaffer

Founder & CEO

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Hannah Jacqueline

Vice President

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Jessica Lorenia


The idea to provide a platform to assist buyers and sellers and the capital to make the home fit the buyer's needs and dreams.

Next Steps...

To get an idea of what our team can do for you dial for a free quote and we will email  your real estate market snapshot of the neighborhoods you are interested in  every two weeks at no charge.